Marquee Tents

Marquee tents are a hybrid of the conventional tension pole tent and the frame tent. They are designed to give you the class of a high pitch pole tent with the benefits of installation of a frame tent. The main advantage is that marquee tents have the centre pole suspended on overhead cables, thus allowing for clear span space.

Multiple sizes can be attached to each other by means of a rain gutter, allowing for more versatility. Marquee tents are popular with smaller functions (less than 100 guests). Marquee tents can be staked at poles OR anchored with 45 gallon white water barrels if there’s underground obstacles i.e. concrete, utilities, asphalt, patio.

Comparing square foot to square foot, pole tents are the cheapest shelter, but many sites don’t accept the 4 foot stakes that are the integrity of being able to install. Thus that is where the marquee steals the show.

The smallest marquee would be a 10x10, used for Farmers Market booths or vendors in a trade show, for example.

The 20 ft. wide Marquee tents easily attach to each other, and the Hexagon Marquee, with rain gutters.

30' x 30' Marquee Frame Tent

NEW! The 30' x 30' Marquee does not have a centre pole, and two can be joined via a cable truss, eliminating the cumbersome leg poles, making a clear span space for the centre aisle. The resulting 30' x 60' tent is ideal for a 100 - 150 person ceremony.


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