Accessories and Décor

Complete your event arrangements! We offer commercial refrigerators, heaters, and dance floors for rental.

Dance Floors

Dance floors are available in simple plywood and maple topped. Please call for quote.


Commercial Refrigerator on Trailer requires a dedicated 15amp service. It has one hundred feet of heavy duty extension cord. The unit needs to sit 12 hours before plugging in; and 24 hours when it is stocked to get it to the desires temperature.

Please notify Corey immediately 24/7 at 613-229-5037 if you feel the fridge isn’t working properly. Arcand Party Tents Inc. will make every effort to fix the problem, or replace the unit. If the unit is not fixable/replaceable a full refund for rental of unit will be given. Arcand Party Tents is not responsible for spoiled food.

Tent Furnaces

Propane tent furnaces can be rented, at a cost of $200 plus the cost of propane, with a tent rental. Furnaces are 170 000 btu and SCA approved.